Cheap Land For Sale By Owner - Buy Montana LandWhy should you buy Montana land direct from the owner?

It saves you money, (it’s cheaper!!!) that’s why.  Plain and simple.  Read on.

Cheap Land For Sale By Owner


Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy “For Sale By Owner”:

  1. There are no realtor’s commissions – This can be a savings of up to 10% of the sales price.  What this means to you is…cheaper prices…cheap land for sale by owner is a bonus for you!
  2. Complete knowledge of the property – Unlike most realtor’s, I know my properties very well and can answer all of your questions immediately.  I can also tell you about property lines & corners, give you turn by turn directions, and how good the hunting, fishing, and recreation is.
  3. There is no middle man – Buying direct from me, you won’t experience delays as I will be riding point through the entire buying process for you.
  4. You’ll get prompt communications and a personal touch.
  5. I am not a realtor which means, I don’t have clients.  I don’t work like a realtor trying to find properties for dozens of clients at a time.  I work directly with buyers who are buying my properties and only my properties.
  6. I don’t have business hours, so you can call anytime.


Fact is, people love buying “For Sale By Owner”.  People love to save money and get the best deal they can.  And, who doesn’t love good customer service?

My goal is to provide you with the best quality buying experience.  This means I’ll be handling all the paperwork & leg work (legal, title, etc.), communicate with you through each step, and answer questions along the way.

Check out a recent testimonial from a buyer:

I recently purchased (owner financed) a beautiful undeveloped plot in Montana from Steve Kamps – my first land purchase.  Steve walked me through the entire process, patiently and thoroughly answering my many questions. He was always very professional and quickly responded to phone calls or emails. If you’re looking for Montana land at a good price, I highly recommend giving Steve a call.

G. Ryan

Please don’t hesitate to call Steve at (406)461-6779 or email at with questions and let’s get you started on owning your Montana dream.